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No Show and Cancellation Policy


We at MathWorld Academy (MWA) rely on the punctuality and consistency of students to ensure the smooth provision of services. Unfortunately, our ability to provide those services is sometimes hampered when students book appointments yet do not follow through or appropriately cancel their meeting. When students do not show up for their appointments, other students lose the benefit of scheduling for that time slot.


As such, MWA has formally adopted policies concerning no show violations and late cancellations. All students utilizing the services provided by the MathWorld academy agree to abide by these policies and agree to the consequences and penalties of policy violations.


Same day Cancellations

Students and Parents are advised to cancel within 48 hours of their appointment’s scheduled start time. However, the MWA recognized that sometimes advanced notice is not possible. Appointments canceled the same day of the appointment’s scheduled start time are considered “late cancellations” and are charged 'Half the session fees'.

No Shows

Students with tutoring appointments have fifteen (15) minutes from the scheduled start time to arrive for their intended appointment. If the student does not arrive within 15 minutes of the appointment’s scheduled start time, the student will be considered a “no show.” 


Full session fees plus additional $5 penalty for no show shall be applicable for the above indicated session. 


I understand that this is a harsh penalty to pay if the absence is unavoidable, but this policy has proven to be necessary. Some of my younger students have a tendency to be unreliable, so it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the student arrives prepared and on time for each lesson.


When students do not show up for their appointments, other students lose the benefit of scheduling for that time slot. We serve many students and you not showing up for the session is unfair for someone else who could have used that time. 


Note: If it's an extreme emergency like anything medical or health related. The policy is not applicable. Health always comes first and I would not like to stress you with extra cancellation fees.  These cancellations would be excused. 


To cancel an appointment, please text or text at (919) 885-0591. You may also email me at Text is always the best way to contact me as I might be busy in other sessions. The sooner you cancel, the sooner I can try to fill that time slot and prevent losing my income for the day. Please keep in mind that I can usually fill your time slot with another student if given sufficient notice.

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