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Monthly Clients: 


We request payment for the month at the end of the month at your quoted price. You will never be charged in advance. But It's your responsibility to pay within 5 days ,or next weekend whichever is earlier, of receiving the invoice.

Late fees:

Any unpaid invoice beyond stipulated time shall incur $10 late charge. 


The invoice will typically include only the final cost. But if needed, We will be happy to provide you with the detailed breakdown of monthly sessions.

Please email us for direct payment information. We can accept Zelle, Venmo or PayPal, Cash, or credit cards.  Fee-free transactions receive the cash price. To pay via Zelle, Venmo or PayPal, parents must only write "Thanks" or an emoji in the transaction field.

Weekly  Clients: 


For our weekly clients, the payment is due on the weekend and you can pay on saturday or sunday whenever you can. You will be provided the invoice including the session details. 


As Need basis: 


For the clients who meet ‘as needed’ basis needs to pay in advance for the session. Times are NOT reserved until payment is received; if you would like to lock in a scheduled session, it is advisable to pay early.


Every Payment must always be made by an adult (over 18).

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